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Mar 28, 2020
The Old Goat Race takes place in the Trabuco District of the Cleveland National Forest in Southern California in what is known as the Santa Ana Mountains. Due to the Holy Fire, this year's event will take place on the alternate course and make use of the Old San Juan Trail and Chiquito Trail which connect Hot Springs Canyon with Bluejay Campground and the Candy Store. These three locations will be fully-stocked aid stations that allow crew access. Two minimally-stocked aid stations will be located at Chiquito Falls and Cocktail Rock on remote parts of the course where there is no crew access. The race will start at Lower Bluejay Campground.


The 50M and 50K start at 5:00 AM. The 30K starts at 6:00 AM. Pacers are not allowed.

The course begins in Lower Bluejay Campground.
  • The 30K course goes out on the Old San Juan Trail to Hot Springs Canyon and returns. It has a total elevation gain of 5,100 ft.
  • The 50K course goes out on the Old San Juan Trail turns left on the Chiquito Trail, taking it down to the Candy Store. Then, returns on the Chiquito Trail making a left on Old San Juan Trail to Hot Springs Canyon. Then, returns to Bluejay Campground on the Old San Juan Trail. It has a total elevation gain of 6,700 ft.
  • The 50M will complete the 50K course, make an additional trip to the Candy Store and return to Bluejay Campground. It has a total elevation gain of 10,200 ft.


Volunteers are a necessary part of any event of this nature and to show our gratitude we provide the following incentives for any volunteer who contributes 8 hours or more of their time to this event:
  • Free entry into any event up to 6 Hrs at Boundiful Endurance Runs
  • Half off 12 Hr/24 Hr/100 Mile event at Boundiful Endurance Runs
  • Free entry into a 30K event at Old Goat/Chimera
  • Half off 50K, 50 Mile, 100K, or 100 Mile event at Old Goat/Chimera
  • Free entry into the Capricorn Night 30K. Half off the 50K
  • Half off entry into Sisyphus Ultra Challenge - Backyard Ultra
We provide verification of volunteer time required for other events. We reserve the right to provide additional incentives for exemplary assistance or to those who volunteer for more than 8 hours.